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Volunteer Positions Available at the Clyde Museum:

Landscape Maintenance/Janitorial Volunteers 

General Responsibilities: Choose from – weeding, plant maintenance, watering, garbage, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows/doors, dust mopping, cleaning restrooms, etc.  For landscaping maintenance volunteering, you will be directed to Deb Kokai, Landscape Committee Chairman.

Archives Internship 

General Responsibilities: Choose from –

Archives Assistant for Photography: convert cds and dvds to files and upload to the server, scan photos of photographs and pictures and upload to server, photograph items from clubs, businesses, schools, churches, organizations, print materials and etc.


Archives Files Assistant: database entry, labeling and filing of all non-photo 2-dimensional materials, cleaning and re-filing of archival information (very detailed oriented position)


Archive Scanning Assistant: scan items from paper collections to be uploaded to server.


Volunteer Registration Assistant [internship]: measure, record, photograph and properly store small artifacts.


More Volunteer Positions 

Volunteer Exhibits Assistant: assist in setting up and mounting displays/exhibits.

Docent-Volunteer Tour Guide: learn tour information and provide tours of the exhibits during operating hours on Thursdays and Saturdays, and as needed for special events at the museum or McPherson House.

Reception Guest Services Volunteer for Special Events or Programs (as needed): greet guests, manage signing of guest book, hand-out flyers and etc.

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