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Mission Statement of Clyde Museum Archives

The purpose of the Clyde Museum archive of the Clyde Heritage League is to serve as a repository for historical records of Clyde, Ohio. Its primary purpose is to document the history and heritage of Clyde and to provide source material for Clyde residents and entities, students, scholars, historians, genealogists, writers, authors and other interested persons and/or groups who seek to evaluate the impact that Clyde, Ohio has had upon the history of American social, cultural, intellectual and industrial development, locally, regionally, state and national throughout its existence.


Scope and Content

Our archives will encompass eight general areas of interest: 

  1. Local History= LH

  2. Personal Histories= PH

  3. Business/Industry= BU

  4. Education= ED

  5. Native American History= NA

  6. Government= GV

  7. Military History= MH

  8. Church History= CH

Some collections are limited in their scope and content.


To view available collections for viewing please click on the link below:

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